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Why Bad Things Happen...

All of us wish life was always smooth and went the way we hoped. Who doesn’t want everything to go right, to have abundance of health, happiness, relationships, family, friends and ample resources not to have to worry about things, Who doesn’t want their efforts to achieve things to go smoothly.

Well, as you have guessed, life rarely happens the way we plan it. The old joke is, “Man plans, God laughs.”

In truth, the Divine plan is to have us struggle to achieve things and to overcome our limitations. Even when things are horribly challenging, ultimately they are for our good. Sometimes we are blessed to be given the clarity – such as when one is fired and has a tough time, but ultimately end up in a much more rewarding position -- and other times we never understand why something happened. Our lack of understanding does not mean it wasn’t for our good. It just means that there are some things we were just not meant to understand.

The definition of anxiety is when you are not on the correct path that your soul wants you to be on. The challenge is that most of us are only remotely connected to our souls. Effectively, our souls are hidden from us, and our goal in life is to reconnect. Often the challenges we face in life are wake up calls to reconnect. So the next time something challenging happens, ask yourself (again and again):

1. Why is this happening?
2. What should I learn from this?
3. What do I need to improve in my life?
4. How can I connect more to my soul, which is hidden?

Try doing this for a week and your entire outlook on life will change...and don’t be surprised by the answers


Thinking On Your Feet...

A wife and her husband were having a dinner party for some important guests. The wife was very excited about this and wanted everything to be perfect.

At the very last minute, she realized that she didn't have any snails for the dinner party, so she asked her husband to run down to the beach with the bucket to gather some snails.

Very grudgingly he agreed.

He took the bucket, walked out the door, down the steps, and out to the beach. As he was collecting the snails, he noticed a beautiful woman strolling alongside the water just a little further down the beach. He kept thinking to himself, "Wouldn't it be great if she would even just come down and talk to me?"

He went back to gathering the snails. All of a sudden he looked up, and the beautiful woman was standing right over him. They started talking and she invited him back to her place. They ended up spending the night together. At seven o'clock the next morning he woke up and exclaimed, "Oh no!!! My wife's dinner party!!!"

He gathered all his clothes, put them on real fast, grabbed his bucket, and ran out the door. He ran down the beach all the way to his apartment. He ran up the stairs of his apartment. He was in such a hurry that when he got to the top of the stairs, he dropped the bucket of snails. There were snails all down the stairs.

The door opened just then, with a very angry wife standing in the door way wondering where he's been all this time. He looked at the snails all down the steps, then he looked at her, then back at the snails and said,

"Come on guys, we're almost there!!"



By Anonymous
Trust everyone but always cut the deck. It keeps them honest, in cards and life.

By Stephen S. from Nottingham, NH
My father taught me how to be a good doctor and a great person, how to have a sense of humor and life's perspective

By Carole K.
Any man can be a father. It takes someone special to be a dad.

By Ted L. from Swansea, UK
I have learned that it is often best to keep my mouth shut and be thought to be a fool, than to open it and remove all doubt.

By Tom P.
It takes me all night to do what I used to do all night.

By Deborah D.
In order to have good friends, you must be one first.

By Ron P. from Hanahan, SC
There is no experience to be gained from the second bite of a dog.

By Jim S. from Oklahoma City
In life, as in the game of poker, it is not the cards you are dealt that determine the outcome - it is how you play your hand.


Letter to God...

Little Bobby came into the kitchen where his mother was making dinner.. His birthday was coming up and he thought this was a good time to tell his mother what he wanted.

"Mom, I want a bike for my birthday."

Little Bobby was a bit of a troublemaker. He had gotten into trouble at school and at home.

Bobby's mother asked him if he thought he deserved to get a bike for his birthday. Little Bobby,of
course, thought he did.

Bobby's mother, wanted Bobby to reflect on his behavior over the last year. "Go to your room, Bobby, and think about how you have behaved this year.

Then write a letter to God and tell him why you deserve a bike for your birthday." Little Bobby stomped up the steps to his room and sat down to write God a letter.

Letter 1:

Dear God,
I have been a very good boy this year and I would like a bike for my birthday. I want a red one.

Your friend,

Bobby knew that this wasn't true. He had not been a very good boy this year, so he tore up the letter and started over.

Letter 2:

Dear God,
This is your friend Bobby. I have been a good boy this year and I would like a red bike for my birthday.

Thank you.
Your friend Bobby

Bobby knew that this wasn't true either. So, he tore up the letter and started again..

Letter 3:

Dear God,
I have been an "OK "boy this year. I still would really like a bike for my birthday.


Bobby knew he could not send this letter to God either. So, Bobby wrote a fourth letter.

Letter 4:

I know I haven't been a good boy this year. I am very sorry. I will be a
good boy if you just send me a bike for my birthday. Please!

Thank you,

Bobby knew, even if it was true, this letter was not going to get him a bike. Now, Bobby was very upset. He went downstairs and told his mom that he wanted to go to church. Bobby's mother thought her plan had worked, as Bobby looked very sad.

"Just be home in time for dinner," Bobby's mother told him.

Bobby walked down the street to the church on the corner.

Little Bobby went into the church and up to the altar. He looked around to see if anyone was there. Bobby bent down and picked up a statue of the Virgin Mary. He slipped the statue under his shirt and ran out of the church, down the street, into the house, and up to his room. He shut the door to his room and sat down with a piece of paper and a pen. Bobby began to write his letter to God.

Letter 5:



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Post by livinthelife on Mon 4 Aug 2008 - 9:33

I knew ur name sounded familiar...
Welcome Jayman...

gl n have fun

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