The Clan Championships #3

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The Clan Championships #3 Empty The Clan Championships #3

Post by 100_dolla_billz on Sat 6 Sep 2008 - 20:23

Well we had a great TCC #2 with the mucking monkeys coming off a close win against the River Rats my i want to congratulate u guys once again. You played great hope you'll be at TCC #3 to defend.

This TCC will be held a little differently. We have been told 4 people is not enough so now the teams will still be 4 people but you can pick your 4 and have more than 1 team.

Ex: The Junker Munchies have 14 people who want to be on a team. 4 will be on the "A" team. 4 will be on the "B" team and then u can have a prelim or pick for your "C" team.

BUT we don't want the best 4 on A, 2nd best 4 on B, and the last on C....if you want to do that you can. But if you want to have a prelim were the first 4 make A 2nd 4 makes B and 3rd 4 makes C you can. It's totally up to dont even have to have more than one team were just leaving it up to you guys.

Now again not everyone will be making the Championships. You obviously must qualify. It may just be 1 game to get in...or 2 or 3. That will be decided after we have all of the teams who want to play.

Registration will be active as soon as this is posted. The registration and the prelims MUST be over by: Sept 25th.

The qualifying games will start on the 26th and will run through the 28th with the Main Event championship the 28th night. Game 1s will be the 26th and 27th morning(maybe night) and then game 2s will be 27th night(maybe) and 28th morning.

The round 1 and 2 games will be winner take all format...were the winner gets his/her team into the next round

The main event will be ranked. top 9 get pts just like the RBCL....10pts for 9th, 20pts for 8th, 30pts for 7th, 40pts for 6th, 50pts for 5th, 60pts for 4th, 70pts for 3rd, 80pts for 2nd, and 90pts for 1st.

So if you would like to register your clan or have more ?s contact 100_dolla_billz.



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